Unit 26 is the FILM unit at the Bartlett School of Architecture.

Our aim is to explore the potential of moving image to develop new forms of architectural practice. We create filmic architectures and architectural films that explore animated and augmented relationships between people and place. Predicated on the belief that architecture is experiential and time-based we use cinematic techniques to investigate, simulate and speculate. We test film’s ability to:

1) simulate moving and mediated experiences, spatial sequences and hybrid spaces that merge virtual and real
2) explore animated relationships between architecture and occupants, multi-sensory interactive environments
3) represent architecture and atmosphere changing over time, events, dynamic structures, light and digital surfaces
4) speculate on future architectures and realities over and above the present
5) communicate clear narratives with individual and critical attitudes

Our techniques include storyboards, stop-motion, hand-drawing, four-dimensional drawing, hyper-lapse, motion-matching, models and interactive mock ups.

There is no requirement for previous experience in filmic techniques. Workshops introduce students to filmmaking principles and innovative techniques. Studio visits will connect students to inspiring practitioners in the worlds of interactive art, architecture, film and gaming. Unit 24 benefits from a broad network of associated professionals, whose contributions serve as a counterpoint to the conceptual and theoretical discourse within the unit, as well as providing inspiration and practical guidance:

2d, 2.5d and 3d modelling and animation Gabby Shawcross, Simon Kennedy
Filmmaking principals and techniques Gabby Shawcross
Photographing and filming architecture Simon Kennedy
Film editing theory/technique Simon Kennedy
Script writing, narrative and pitching Andrew Gow
3D motion-matching and 4-dimensional compositing Adam Heslop, Jason Bruges Studio
Unity and virtual reality Ross Cairns, The Workers

Talks and Visits:
Sound, film and architecture Kevin Pollard
Architectural storytelling Alice Britton, Squint Opera
Artistic approaches to architectural practice Aberrant Architects
Augmented reality and new digital reality Keiichi Matsuda
Filmaking and 3D Factory 15
Monument Valley Neil Mcfarland, Ustwo

For further explanation of the unit’s agendas and for examples of previous students work, please see http://www.u26.tv